Group Dental Insurance

Business Insurance

Group dental insurance can put a good looking, healthy smile on the face of your employees and their families. There are many different plans and options to help employers make their health coverage complete, and Dimond Bros. can assist you in finding the right coverage.

A dental maintenance organization (DMO) is a plan in which a dentist is selected within the plan's network. DMO plans are usually the least expensive but do have restrictions.

The preferred provider organization (PPO) plan offers fewer restrictions by allowing use of providers outside the network at a greater cost. Dentists from within the network can still be used at a low cost.

The most flexible plan is Dental Indemnity. This plan allows visits to any provider without referral but most plans only cover up to a specific amount.

Dental care is more popular now than ever before because people are more conscious about having great-looking, healthy teeth. We can help supplement health insurance policies with the dental plans to meet the needs of your employees and their families.