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Surety Bonds Insurance

Let us be your partner, telling your story beyond the numbers.  

Dimond Bros. has experience and knowledge to assist you with your Surety Bond needs.

  • Dedicated Bond Department with over 100 years of combined Surety experience
  • Multi-Billion dollars of work bonded for Dimond Bros. clients.
  • Strong relationships with the most respected and stable Surety Companies.
  • Multiple Professionals on staff with Surety Underwriting experience.
  • National and International Capabilities
  • Services and consultation include:
    • Contract and bond form review
    • Surety Indemnification Review and Negotiation
    • Co-Surety and Joint Venture Agreements
    • Teaming Arrangements for Set Aside Work
    • Assistance with Continuity Planning, Benchmarking and Budgeting
    • Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Review
    • SBA Bond Guarantee Program

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We will take the time to listen to ALL of your questions and help you understand how much coverage you need and why.